The Australian Federal Government Reviews Internet Gambling Act(IGA).

A Internet Gambling Act of 2001 is finally being reviewed by the Australian Federal Government and certainly not before time to they are reviewing this Act, other Internet industry professionals are also taking a look at various aspects of the online gambling game in a country.

For example the Internet Industry Association (IIA) is having their say about online problem gambling, and also saying this issue should be addressed at the PC and smart-phone level and the point of the discussion is that the IIA wants to caution against placing responsibility for this problem on the ISP (Internet Service Provider) What they want is problem gambling to be managed at the point of service access is the end-users device.

The Apparently with todays’ advanced technology to there must be a way in the argument is the prohibition of online gambling sites and other applications in this country have been completely ineffective in light of the fact that so many offshore gambling services are available.

The Most Online Gambling Is Not Allowed To The Australian Public & Government To Lift Laws.

A Online Gambling Aussie Betting Operators Ask Government to Lift Laws While most online gambling is not allowed to the Australian public this does not stop them playing at offshore sites andm the Government is taking a serious look at changing the law and the currently Australian online sports betting companies are actually allowed to operate online with restrictions.

Th companies rightfully claim that with restrictions in place, they have very little chance of competing against offshore sports betting sites to currently the Federal Government is reviewing the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA) and online business Sportsbet claims that current regulations should also be amended while they awaiting review of these changes.

What Australian online bookmakers want is ‘in-the-run’ betting to we call it ‘in-play betting’ and it refers to the placing of wagers after an event has commenced in “Betting after an event has commenced is available over the phone and in retail outlets in Australia,” the submission reads for example betting on the outcome of the goals in a football game at the start of the second half in game time for this gives punters more of an advantage to use their commenced and actually makes sports betting much more of a skill game of a game of pure unadulterated luck, therefore not gambling but become more of a strategist is option is also much more fair when looked at from the bigger picture, where consistency is important for player protection.

All Slots Launches Android Mobile Gaming App & Features 19 WAP Fnabled Games.

The All Slots Casino is only another one of the online casino brands to have realized early that they had to go mobile, and go mobile in a big way are already mobile apps at this site is vital for iPhone and Android apps to be part of their mobile offering a recent launch of another new mobile offering sees an Android application taking to the casino floor.

The new games launched on the Android casino are re-designed versions of favourites, powered by Microgaming partner Spin3, and the games available include and the online slot game Mega Moolah which is actually a Progressive Jackpot Prize game. It is a 5 reel, 25 payline mobile video slot, which features a 4 tier progressive jackpot wrapped up in a brilliant package a rip roaring African safari theme.

A second game is Tomb Raider, a massively popular slot online, and mobile now on Android to is a 5-reel, 15-pay-line game with a Tomb Bonus Round that takes the player deep into ancient tombs seeking out idols with to win treasure mermaids Millions has also been specifically re-designed for use on Android to find an exciting bonus round filled with sunken treasures and the new Android app at All Slots Casino also brings to life, one of the most popular games ever played at casinos online or off is game is a standard version of Blackjack in brought to life in living colour and sound.

Remote Gambling Increases In Popularity According To UK Gambling Commission(UGC) Poll.

According to a recent UK Gambling Commission (UGC) poll, the popularity of remote gambling is still on the rise of a remote gambling encompasses all online gambling on PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones and even WAP enabled phones. As the prevalence of using the Smart phone as a communication device grows to does the prevalence of using online social networking sites, as well as mobile gambling.

The recent Ofcom research reveals that UK consumers are spending almost half (45 per cent) of their waking hours watching TV, using their mobiles and other communications devices to we would call this a win-win situation in the British Government does not necessarily see it in the same light and the majority of online gambling services which also offer mobile are located and licensed offshore to this chiefly due to the fact that taxes for the gambling industry in the UK makes business uneconomically viable.

For example, William Hill Online recently received a Gibraltar License and moved this division to Gibraltar, saving approximately £15 million annually in the process to the unlike Denmark.

For example, which has a different taxation % for online gambling ops, the UK seems to be reluctant to even think of revising tax laws, but they don’t see the bigger picture. We say, rather get 5% in tax from 100 UK licensed operators to than get 15% in tax from none in the considering this widespread availability of the internet and internet ready devices, irresponsible gambling is a real concern for the government, which is why John Penrose, the Minister of Tourism and Heritage announced plans earlier this year to combat it.

New Android Mobile Gambling

The Microgaming is making great strides in the the mobile gaming industry and many are seeing it quickly become one of the fastest growing in existence to be at the forefront of this industry, Microgaming, the pioneer in the online gambling world, has launched a new Android Mobile Gambling Platform to the Head of Product Channels of Microgaming, Neill Whyte noted, “Mobile has been a key part of Microgaming’s strategy for the past few years and we already enjoy a strong market share with our existing suite of products.”

The isle of Man based Microgaming revealed that, “Android Air is an Adobe Air based application, available for use with tablets and smartphones running on Android it initially features 8 casino titles while it has plans to deliver at least 20 more games before the end of the year future games will be automatically added is connection state aware to players can choose to do these updates via WiFi rather than 3G microgaming stated that Android Air games will be available 'via a slick and user-friendly lobby’ while it has also fully revamped its banking and registration modules.

Neill Whyte head of product channels Microgaming that the new Android product will have a considerable impact in the current gambling industry to they already enjoy a good percentage of market share with existing products,

A Online Gambling Licensing Restrictions From EU Court.

A opinions of Justice Advocate General Cruz Villalón statement of fact, his words could become a landmark decision that changes the face of online gambling in the EU by its very nature, online gambling is gaming without borders and just like the European Union is a Europe Continent without borders in EU member states still jealously guard their borders from other online gambling operators even though they are partner countries.

The latest court showdown, British operator Stanleybet wished to apply for a local license in the newly regulated Italian online gambling industry in operator was turned down this led to an EU Court case which has become highly publicized Costa and Cifone to the advocate Cruz Villalón has basically said, that action such as not granting Stanleybet’s license goes against the true spirit of the European Union and is in fact contrary to the European Union Treaty.

He cites articles 49 and 56 of the (TFEU) Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as his reasoning and says, Treaty states clearly enough that no participating EU country “may adopt any legislation that could negatively impact the movement of goods and services freely between member states With this announcement no gambling licensing restrictions should exist are a whole host of new licensing jurisdictions which may find themselves having to do a double take with regards to their ongoing monopolistic regulations and attitudes.

New Data Released By William Hill Online Gambling.

Online Gambling Despite Labour Problems, William Hill Mobile Does Well in new data released by William Hill online it appears there is solid growth in their mobile gambling division to with discussion earlier this year of a takeover in the high street bookmaker has walked away from such discussions with Gibraltar based Probability.

The deal with Probability was interesting but it was never going to be a game changer for William Hill to no reason was given for the break down in talks but it has been reported that Playtech has a 21% stake in its online arm, felt that a deal with Probability would have hurt its interests in instead William Hill continues to advance as one of the premier online gambling destinations, “mobile continues to grow strongly following the launch of the new mobile Sportsbook.

The Sports betting turnover was up more than 250% in the quarter and total net revenue from mobile betting and gaming increased by more than 300 percent is appears to the newest wave in popularity for the online gambling industry and the mostly due to the easy availability of the smart phone was also an increase of 24% in wagers placed by punters at William Hill retail venues to chief Executive Officer of William Hill Ralph Topping, said “they would also be trying out second-generation Storm gaming machines.

The self-service betting terminals and HD video walls in retail venues before the end of 2011 to the brand is also still actively pursuing High Street custom, when commenting on their recent labour problems Topping stated, “‘The Board is confident that top management at William Hill Online has tightened its control of the operation as a result of this change”.

A Poker Players President? Gary Johnson

There are many ways of trying to run a successful Presidential Election campaign one way is by getting your hands on specific niche for popular votes to a presidential Candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson is targeting areas where many voters will hopefully place an X on the ballot next to his name and the latest popular vote up for grabs is that of online poker and what the future holds for internet gambling.

Gary Johnson antes up for the poker vote!

The Candidate Johnson plan is to repeal the Internet gambling ban Congress passed in 2006, he recently spent 3 days in Las Vegas seeking the votes and campaign contributions of poker players and he opposes laws that infringe on personal freedom like the Patriot Act to the Internet gambling regulations and the PROTECT IP Act.

The former New Mexico govenor spent his days in Las Vegas addressing several issues and including addressing the annual Two Plus Two poker party he attended an event hosted by The Poker Players Alliance at the Rio where Governor Johnson met with members of the press and he also spoke at the Conservative Leadership Conference president Obama has not committed to a resolute plan in fact millions of online poker players in the USA are eagerly awaiting for members and leaders of congress to correctly address this issue to this actually makes a very good game plan for guaranteed votes if you look at it logically.

A Microgaming Casinos New Slots Roll Outs For November.

There are a few new video slot game roll-outs from Microgaming this November for Flash, Viper and Quickfire is not all of these new releases are available on all of the aforementioned platform to the new slot games are exciting and promise lots of excitement and i am sure with names like King of Cash, Throne of Egypt and Alaskan Fishing there will be plenty of slot pulling fun for eager online slot players for the two other releases, strangely enough are, Dr. Love totally prescribes fun, fun, fun, and Crocodopolis, both having been out for a  Microgaming are punting them as new releases, leaving us with the assumption that both games have been re-vamped.

Brand new is King of Cash it is royally good to strike it rich match the kings to win free spins and get into a second screen bonus round to game features superior graphics, coupled with high quality animation and sound in the alaskan Fishing offers the 243 Ways To Win feature, which includes stacked Wilds, a 2nd screen bonus game and recurring Free Spins in don’t leave home on a fly-fishing trip without downloading this game to your mobile phone in last but not least is Throne of Egypt, another addition to their large portfolio of popular Egyptian themed games for we are chatting about Microgaming and their fun slots to this brand is the home to the Mega Moolah (PJP) progressive jackpot, in which a jackpot was also won again this October (2011) and this time the jackpot went for a mahoosive €3.84 Million,

The Mega Moolah is one of the largest networked (PJP) progressive jackpot slots games in the world is seeded at a massive $/£/€1 Million and progresses from this is the minimum prize to be won by landing the progressive jackpot a once-off payment is also issued when the prize is won, and to date their progressive jackpot network has paid out a staggering €320m since it started in 1999!

The US Online Poker To Still A Taxing Problem.

The industry would have us believe that more US law-makers are pushing to get online poker (if not online gambling) legalized and regulated in the USA is a billion dollar industry at least it was until the DoJ shut down sites to US players such as PokerStars, and FullTilt amongst others, on the 15th April 2011 and the day that online poker operators and players have come to know as Black Friday before Black Friday, it was estimated that $6 billion went out of the US, into the coffers of offshore poker and other gambling sites.

The $6B if the industry recognized as being legal to the Government could have ostensibly had an additional $250 million in their tax coffers now it is just pie in the sky! and the law makers pushing to have this industry made legal in the USA, know what potential it has in terms of revenue generation to both US State and Federal Governments are cash-strapped to the hilt and need to find ways and means to get more money banked.

The according to political analysts, almost no-one in any powerful Congressional position gives a fig about internet gambling to also means that when the bills take the floor, no careful study has been done (except by the bill’s proposers often not even then) and decisions made are not as a result of any reasoned conclusions this is in essence what took place when UIGEA was promulgated there are a few rabid gambling opponents to they all appear to be hypocritical or just plain stupid and this does not get them a great deal of support are members of Congress in the Republican Party and the far right who will oppose anything and everything that might make President Barack Obama look good time will only tell on this one folks so be sure and stay tuned.


In complete contrast to the kind of year the gambling business endured in 2010, 2011 seems to have turned around for this online gambling operating giant and with a new poker product which has done really well, 888 pulled out of merger talks with Ladbrokes early in the year as business continued to pick up well and the apparently Britons are turning more to online gaming in the entertainment needs in a poor economy and 888 has once again become a preferred brand.

The currently 888 Holdings Plc is expecting 2011 earnings to be ahead of market estimates significantly ahead to a slow economy, more British consumers preferring to stay at home where it is safe, warm, and entertainment does not cost an arm and a leg in traditionally the 3rd quarter in the UK is when business is slow as this is the period where summer holidays play havoc with the gambling industry against all expectations to the contrary to trading actually remained robust and the are not the only online gambling concern to benefit from this changing entertainment trend rivals, Bwin to party digital are one of the largest listed online gambling businesses in the world and they have announced that their third-quarter revenue has been the highest ever historically achieved.

The business grew 42% to $86 million, and as of September 30th, 2011, they had 10.1 million registered casino, poker, sport and other betting real-money customer accounts is an increase of 24% over the same period during 2010 to updates from consumer-facing UK businesses are saying the Britons are more cash-strapped than ever and are making a conscious decision to stay home and to this news also comes amid fears of the country slipping back into a recession of a 888 Holdings Plc Chairman, Brian Mattingly said, that they expected EBITDA for the full year year ending 31st December to be something like $33.5 million.

Online Gambling For A New German Proposals Still Being Ground-out.

Industry complaints have once again led German law-makers to revise online gambling regulations in this regard in this country and the wheels of Government are grinding very slowly for the regulations are barely coming about that are acceptable to any operators or the EU in this country appears to be posing a huge problem for the industry in virtually every time they present a reform the European Commission objects to the changes as not being in line with EU policy in just last week 15 of the 16 Federal German states agreed to reduce a proposed 16.6% tax for online gambling turnover down to 5%. That is one heck of a big leap in only a week! In addition to the reduction.

To tax, the states also announced that they would allow an initial twenty licenses to be granted, which is another massive about face, over the original seven promised and these changes are moot when you consider that they do not apply to either online casino or poker games this form of gambling online would still be banned in Germany according to the new regulations it makes one ask, what is the point of even bothering? The only State actually taking a serious look at the online gambling industry in a licensing capacity is Schleswig Holstein to which made a decision months ago for a 20% gross profits tax.

Although at a higher rate than turnover tax, online gambling operators see it as being far more favorable reacted, saying that slow steps in the right direction are taking place, but at what cost? Betfair is critical, calling the changes incompatible with EU law, and the Remote Gambling Association calls it both disappointing and severely limiting and the European Commission is also concerned, but has not reacted to the latest proposals as of yet for a Whether things will ever change for the better only remains to be seen in time.

Online Gambling For The Sports Betting Tech Enters Danish Market.

This is no doubt about the fact that online sports betting is fast becoming one of the most popularly pursued forms of online gambling world wide and also with particular reference to mobile gaming is understandable many online sports betting firms are lining up to get involved in business in a newly legalized Danish marketplace and the sports Betting Tech in a leading sports to betting software developer has signed a strategic partnership with the Gaming Media Group.

Gaming Media Group offers poker and the casino and bingo online to European-facing players across various channels to they are the owner of the Poker Channel, which is Europe’s biggest betting TV channel for a, is also their business, and is one of the most favoured European online poker brands and online poker in Europe is also extensively played.

The european markets are a key focus for SBTech in particular they find Denmark an exciting prospect as a relatively new company formed in 2007 Sports Betting Tech is able to provide cutting-edge sports betting solutions of the offer a stable and secure software platform which is increasingly receiving more attention in this industry as well as being adopted by online gambling operators globally for both companies are looking forward to a long and successful partnership, and we can be pretty sure, we will be seeing more of these business deals taking place in Denmark in the near future.