More Number of Women Playing Online Gambling United Kingdom

They are warning from experts to MPs, in the last decade there has been an increase in the amount of women who gamble are those who only enter the national lottery for this aside from that the proportion of the female population who gamble has soared by nearly a third to more than half 1st time ever gambling to that could be in a casino, buying a scratch card, playing in an online bingo promotion or simply playing the lottery every week.

A sheer amount of women that now gamble and are classed as 'problem gamblers' has resulted in one addiction centre in London now offering child-minding services so as to try and encourage the mothers to attend in have been significant rises in the amount of women to buy scratch cards, play slot machines and also betting online only has there been an increase in the amount of women in general but there's also been an increase in the amount of 'grey gamblers' or, the over 75s and also widowed people.

The New Jersey Approves Casino Gambling License

The New Jersey's casino gambling industry has been searching for several years for a spark that could reignite the Atlantic City gaming industry to Monday for they may have received that spark when Revel was granted a gaming license in the state for the revel has been in the works for years and they even before the 2008 economic recession, Revel was considered a key to reviving an industry that had lost its luster casino expansion taking place all across the US since the recession to even more imperative that Atlantic City casinos find a way to hold off the competition.

A Revel is considered by many to be that answer in the facility is a state-of-the-art casino, equipped with entertainment space, restaurants and retail outlets of a revel will also feature 10 pools, a spa, a theatre, and a large gaming floor to level has no rival in Atlantic City or anywhere else on the East Coast in the Borgata was the last casino to open in Atlantic City, and at the time, regulators felt that the Borgata and Revel together could help bring customers back to AC is the recession hit, Revel was one of the short-term casualties, with developers halting the project of the financial market stabilized and the project was restarted, and the facility is now set to open on April 2nd.

A Largest Casino Jackpot Win in B.C $833,158.91 Cheque for Winning

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA for the practical joker, Matthew Arseneau, received his $833,158.91 cheque for winning a online casino jackpot, his family finally started to believe him in the arseneau was listening to local radio station, 99.3 the Fox, when he heard about a contest to win a trip to Mexico through and says he logged into the gambling website to enter, played the minimum $5 wager and could not believe his eyes it said he had won the jackpot to the entered the contest and was playing online when it popped up on my computer screen described Arseneau to said I won but it took a dozen times of looking at it before it sunk in they known as the joker in the Arseneau family, his parents thought this was another of his pranks.

And this a largest casino prize ever won in B.C to the 26-year old Surrey resident won the prize on an online slot game called SuperCubes where the jackpot keeps growing until it's won to he still overwhelmed by the win but already has a few plans for the prize for i am going to buy my little brother a new car, added a smiling Arseneau and also help my parents finish with some renovations on their house of a haven't yet decided to get for myself, maybe a trip to Mexico if I don't win that to operated by BCLC, is British Columbia's only safe, secure and regulated gambling website where the revenue generated stay in the province to benefit all British Columbians and the BCLC is a provincial Crown Corporation that offers socially responsible gaming entertainment while generating income that benefits all British Columbians.

WMS Industries is Positioning itself to join Online Gaming License in Nevada

The Nevada among the first states readying to legalize online and mobile gaming, Waukegan-based WMS Industries wants a seat a the virtual poker table to the casino game maker announced Tuesday that it has submitted an application to the State Gaming Control Board in Nevada for an interactive gaming license.

And the Online gambling is illegal for U.S. residents in the absence of federal law, states such as Nevada are are moving forward with efforts to allow it for last April, websites of four of the largest players in Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, PokerStars and UB were shut down and seized by the FBI on charges of bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling and the ten more sites were seized the following month.

The WMS hopes its success at casinos can translate to online to the company has a U.K.-based online casino game at that has won awards for the another game, Lucky Cruise, is a slot-machine like social media application on Facebook that uses credits instead of money to we have made significant progress in our development of a technology and entertainment content base that will help our customers unlock the emerging opportunities provided through online capabilities, said Orrin Ediden, president of WMS.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission Recently Announced 100th License.

The AGCC means Alderney Gambling Control Commission to recently announced that they had issued their 100th license for the lucky recipient was the online gambling software enterprise now pushing out Fast Poker namely the Relax Gaming Network to the considering in the Alderney Gambling Control Commission was the body responsible for licensing.

And the Full Tilt Poker site, once the sole provider of Rush Poker has caused many people to draw a parallel comparison between its not licensing Relax Gaming Network and its Rush poker like game Fast poker to the relax gaming network is based in Malta and is in the process of releasing a new poker variant called Fast Poker is almost identical to Rush Poker to company officials from Relax Gaming appear rot be very excited about the new offering, especially as they have several poker sites like Betsson, iGame and Unibet waiting to grab the game as soon as it is available.

The Betfair Signs 5 Year Agreement with Ameican Horse Racing Track and Hollywood Park

They first time in a never before heard of deal, American horse racing track, Hollywood Park and Betfair have signed a five year agreement, enter a historic sponsorship, marketing & promotional agreement, allowing Betfair to receive naming rights to the track which will be known as Betfair Hollywood Park is looking to build on the success of the innovative Betfair Lounge at Ascot Racecourse in the United Kingdom where Betfair is a prime sponsor.

They are receiving assurance regarding its historic racing dates for 2013, infrastructure investments and improvements at the Hollywood Park facility to create the Betfair Club and the horse racing is a wonderful sport to must embrace cultural change and utilise advancements in technology and presentation to survive and thrive just as other sports and entertainment industries have done to we hope this is the first of many examples of using the assets of technology companies such as Betfair to revitalise historic venues such as Betfair Hollywood Park and we realise that US racing and California racing in particular simply cannot continue on as it has, said Jack Liebau, President for Hollywood Park Racing Association and the about of a betfair is the world’s biggest betting community and one of the world’s leading online betting and gaming operators.

Come Soon: iGame

Game rules:

1.Game is played with a single 52 card deck.

2.The player and the house are dealt two hole cards at random, and then a board of five community cards is dealt in the best possible five card poker hand is formed for both sides by combining their hole cards and the community cards.

3.If the player’s hand is higher, he or she wins money equal to his or her bet. If the house has the higher hand, or hands are tied, the player loses his or her bet.

The is a new brand from the company owning 24hPoker to with Unibet and Betsson of the largest operators on the European gambling market in the fast Poker is operated by Relax Gaming Network Ltd is licensed in Alderney by the AGCC and is planned to be launched to the public during the coming month.

They are thrilled to launch Relax Fast Poker Network together with some of the very leading names in the industry to we look forward to the launch and are sure more operators will join in a fast Poker has the potential to make Poker really hot again, its fun, fast and easy, a great way of playing poker says patrik osteraker, CEO of Relax Gaming Network Ltd.

American Indians Against Legalization of Online Casinos in the United States.

The American Indian casino revenues approach $30 billion annually, casino gambling news report. Based throughout the country and operated by multiple tribes to gambling outlets are a major source of income for the reservations and the land-based casinos offer many options ranging from slot machines, table card games, keno, entertainment, and whisky has negatively affected the casino business in the county for the furthermore, Android slots are becoming a competitive force many casinos have to reckon with to increasing gasoline prices, many Americans are thinking twice before driving their gas consuming SUV beasts of a many opt for online gambling in the tricky part is that Internet gambling is not legalized in the Land of the Free.

A recent and unfolding events indicate to that online blackjack and other games may soon be legalized in many American states to puts Native Americans at great unease of a federal framework will be set up with states enabled to opt-in to allow online gambling to many tribal councils are getting together and attempting to prevent that from happening to the United States alone, over 200 Native American tribes operate nearly 450 casinos, raking in billions annually in gambling revenues in any of a competition online may as well make the Indians march on Washington, D.C. With upcoming elections, the politicians may seek to appease the voters and crack down on online betting legalization.

The Slot Survivor Sixth Tournament Set to Run From March 12 Through to April 5.

They are moment Red Flush and Casino La Vida customers have all been waiting for is about to arrive, with the sixth season of the popular Slot Survivor tournament set to run from March 12 through to April 5 and the slot Survivor is back and this time round it boasts a record prize pool of $150,000 in the grand prize is a trip to the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix worth $20,000, while others prizes include a home theatre system, Tag Heuer watches, the latest Apple iPad Touch device, and of course casino credits in previous years, the objective of the tournament is to accumulate as many points as possible.

The Registration is Free Registration for Slot Survivor 6 is completely free for Red Flush Casino and Casino La Vida customers, and for those who don't have an account all you need to do is sign up for one and you can also join the promo for the online casinos are also accepting registrations to sign up and get ready for one hell of a month and the tournament has been one of the most popular at both casinos since it debuted back in 2008, and this year is sure to be no different in players are attracted to the prospect of heightened competition and the chance to win some massive prizes not least the grand prize package to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Bet on Asia

The 2011 Las Vegas produced $6.1 billion in gambling revenue in that’s a very poor global second to Macau’s amazing $33.5 billion in 2011 gaming revenue in fact for the Chinese territory’s 2011 revenue exceeded the $31 billion in gaming revenue produced by the top 20 commercial casino markets in the United States and if you have really been paying attention, you know that in 2012, Las Vegas is projected to drop to the No. 3 slot behind Singapore legalized gambling only in 2009, almost caught Las Vegas in 2011 with $6 billion in revenue.

The Asian Betting Boom are no doubt that gaming companies are building casinos all over Asia to the industry is a long, long way from overcapacity in report from Citibank’s Citigroup Global Markets dated February 8 sees the market this way in the population of South and Central Asia is 4 billion, and that market is currently served by just 200 licensed gambling venues in compares with 1,600 licensed casinos in North America and 1,200 in Europe and the many of the new markets in that region are growing incredibly quickly to from very small bases and they are example, Citigroup Global Markets estimates that the Philippine gaming market will grow by 17% this year in that will bring total revenues to just $1.7 billion.

They are New Jersey to Pass Online Gambling Legislation in September

The New Jersey state Senate committee moved forward a bill this week that would allow online casino gambling despite opposition from the horse racing betting industry to the New Jersey Senate Government and Wagering Committee passed the bill in a 3-0 vote on the State Senator Raymond Lesniak expects online gambling legislation to pass houses by March 15 in Governor Christie is expected to sign the bill this time around due to the US Justice Department new take on the Wire Act late last year.

A president of the Meadowlands Racetrack and the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey is expected to form compacts with other states to network the new players in experts agree that the three leading states in gambling legislation are Nevada, New Jersey and California on the laws that those three states pass hopefully this year will determine how the other 47 states move ahead of a looks like we’re headed to a hot summer of online gambling legislation.

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Online and Mobile Gaming Future is the Aristocrat Re-Confirms

A online gaming world is set to face a glorious revolution with the oncoming and growing popularity of mobile gambling, according to Aristocrat gaming, one of Australia’s leading online and mobile game developers to as reported in the latest casino gambling news and the chief executive at Aristocrat, Jamie Odell, recently said that within a time span of 3 to 5 years in the gaming industry will be completely altered and revolutionized with the advent of mobile gambling technology to  positioning Aristocrat to be part of that transformation is a quite different approach service-supported gaming as opposed to selling the box gaming machine and then coming back in a few years time for a conversion, Mr. Odell said recently.

The Aristocrat currently produces hundreds of online and mobile games and has recently seen a net profit of $66.1 million for last year to this was down 14.3% on the previous year for a aristocrat is rumored to believe that the release of a range of new games in 2012 to including new mobile poker games will almost certainly raise the profit by this time next year and the mr. Odell also stated that to significant new game releases in all major markets, progress in targeting profitable segments and continued cost discipline will drive a further lift in operational performance in 2012.

The Calvin Ayre’s So-Called “Cat and Mouse” Game and the U.S. Feds

A Wall Street Journal Alexandra Berzon and Simon Constable discuss the recent indictment of Bodog creator Calvin Ayre to the topics covered are the so called “cat and mouse” games the billionaire “playboy” and the federal government have been engaged in for many years as well as how in recent years the Canadian born Ayre’s has been distancing himself from the popular Bodog Brand.

The simon constable asked the question on most minds as to “why now,” and why is the federal government going after Ayre’s after all this time when it seems that many states are moving to legalize and regulate online gambling in the states and it’s citizens to the Wall Street Journal correspondent continued saying, “it’s funny how the recent actions of the federal government is completely at odds from what U.S states are doing at this time are they going to come to some status and have one set of rules, “Mr. Playboy” can either know what he should or shouldn’t do?

Bodog Brand Partners

Bodog Poker Network

Bodog Europe

Bodog UK


Bodog Nation

Bodog Coffee

Previous Licensees:

They are both of a Bodog Fight (involved in mixed martial arts broadcasting) and Bodog Music (a record label which represented artists including Billy Idol) were signed up in 2005 and the both ceased operations in 2008.

Omni Gaming Announcement

The Omni Gaming announced the exciting news of two highly anticipated games on it’s Kazuri Casino Module platform this week in all the industry buzz and gaining interest around the Kazuri Casino Module at this year’s ICE is the International Casino Exhibition the new game releases are keeping everyone on their toes in giddy joy to the tres hombres is a five-reel, two hundred and forty three paylines video slot, set in the deserts of Mexico.

A OMI Gaming is a privately held software development company based in Stockholm Sweden that develops internet based gaming systems of a OMI Gaming is a specialized developer of mobile & multi-platform casino games and its own gaming solution Kazuri Casino Module in the we provide solutions which adds real values in return for every investment made in a constant evolving and changing technical and legal environment, quality for us equals solutions incorporates changeability, maintainability, that fits an organization like a glove and solves its needs in a graceful and beautiful way.

Bovada Casino Code Tuesdays promotion

The time back Bovada Casino had launched a special promotion on Fridays to from this week the online casino has covered Tuesdays as well, but with a different promotion one is titled Casino Code Tuesdays in the Casino Code Tuesdays promotion at Bovada Casino works as follows in every Tuesday between 6 PM and midnight two new secret codes will be made available to the players codes offer match bonuses that vary every week.

A Slots code is for the bonus that can be wagered only on the online slots games at Bovada Casino and the Other Casino Games code is for the bonus that can be wagered on games like blackjack and video poker players can select either of the two codes according for the preference and avail of the bonus in the 1st Casino Code Tuesdays promotion was held at Bovada Casino on February 28 and the codes and the mystery bonuses have now been revealed at the online casino web site and can serve as guidance for the future editions of this promotion.

A online slot game for March 2 is Reel Blood. Reel Blood is an elegant vampire themed slot game with eerie background audio and vivid animations in the slot game for March 9 is Aztec Treasures one of the old favorites at Bovada Casino bovada Casino is powered by software from Realtime Gaming and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.