The Facebook For Seeking To Bring Real Money Games To It’s Masses

A Facebook is in talks with around 20 gambling experts, consultants, and casinos in a bid to bring real money gambling to it’s Facebook members for a Facebook, already allows its members to play on slot machine games, bingo and poker using ‘virtual credits’ instead of real money of a according to eGaming Review editor James Bennett, “Facebook is looking for new revenue streams and the gambling industry is looking for new markets.

They Many critics however are expressing concerns over the fact that this could be irresponsible promoting, leading kids to believe that this is just all fun and games to ”Introducing gambling to Facebook is a cynical way to the gambling industry to find new markets, making gambling look acceptable,” in paper quoted Dr Robert Lefever, founding director of the Promis Recovery Centre which treats addicts, as saying.

It will be young people who think these games have Facebook approval, that you can gamble and it’s fun it’s not gambling destroys families,” he added and the facebook has issued a response to the speculation with spokesman Andrew Noyes telling Cnet and the “Our commitment to providing a safe, secure and appropriate experience for teenagers is a fundamental principle of Facebook.