The Mobile Gambling Sees Surprising Results for First Half

A first half of 2010 has seen some surprising results come out in terms of mobile online gambling to this form of internet gaming has been predicted to be the next “big wave” in this industry to up-take has been generally slow during the past few years of a perhaps 2011 will be the year that the turn-around takes place in record-breaking financial results have been seen by mobile’s contribution at various UK gaming companies on the not least of which is the massive bookmaking concern says William Hill.

While only a few H1 results have been seen so far, we should see more results in the same vein as these financials come trickling in william Hill release their H1 results just last Friday and far from being solid to truly astonishing financials in the online division of this company has seen an increase of 21% over the first half of the year for 2010 we truly find surprising is that the first half of the year for 2010, included World Cup turnover was no comparable event such as this during the first half of 2011.

so a year-on-year increase of 21%, could be considered spectacular to making an allowance for previous growth in 21% is the overall growth in revenue for the online gambling division, mobile gambling in itself accounts for an increase of 797% for sports-book wagers placed in the percentage growth factor for sports-book gross win is a huge 657% is approximately 8-9% of gross online win.